Xưởng đan/móc len sợi Chuyên cấp sỉ thước may đo thủ công, móc khoá len và thú len cho các cửa hàng quà tặng lưu niêm

An enterprise for social development
 Being a young company in handicraft field, we clearly created our missions:
-        Support and enforcing the development of Vietnam traditional handcraft
-        Environment and consumers’ health protection
-        Dedicated and creative products
-        Creating job for underprivileged people with disabilities

Excellent craft
Our well-trained craftmen with many years of experience in crochet and knitting

Creative members
Our staff includes many members with different background such as: art, textile, technology, economics, design… but their common point is passion in Vietnamese handmade products and promoting them to the world

Customer first
Product quality is the key point of our company prestige.
With quality control team which follow and control closely every product with specific quality standards to totally limit inferior
On-time delivery

Our business
Design, produce and distribute handicraft products for Vietnam as well as oversea market.
Our main product lines include: home decoration items, toys, gift, basket…All of our products are handmade which are very original, dedicated and special. Not only handmade but also heartmade.

 Our vision
-       Developing more high-skilled products
-       Creating job for underprivileged people in some provinces in the North of Vietnam
-       Bring Vietnamese handicraft products to the world.
Tax code: 0900998140
Office: D110, Truc street, Ecopark, Van Giang, Hung Yen
Factory: Thanh Mien, Hai Duong
Hotline: 0904 724 286/ 04 62 62 05 49
Email: hatra@hatra.vn/handicraft.hatra@gmail.com